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He looked after cows, is a good soccer player, and is on the verge of signing for Bayern Munich

In his early days he worked on a ranch, he knows how hard life is, now he is one signature away from joining Bayern Munich. 

The player has a lot of quality.
The player has a lot of quality.

A Mexican player who without so many spotlights can make the leap of his life and thus demonstrate the talent that Mexico has, one simply has to take the opportunities and avoid thinking about money and agents.

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According to a report by the German newspaper Bild and a publication by Mediotiempo, the Mexican player is about to take a big step. Just as in his childhood he looked after cows, now he will be able to look after the German club's defense.

Manuel Trinidad Aguilar is just one step away from signing for the German club, which as part of its scouting in the United States, where the youngster was shown, has decided to set its sights on the Mexican.

Can Manuel Aguilar join Bayern Munich?

Yes, the player can be signed by the German club since there is an agreement where they can take talents from the region, as was the case of Alphonse Davies.

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