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He exposed the truths of Tri and Azcárraga, he would be gone forever for exposing them.

He exposed the issue within the national team and now he would be gone forever for exposing them.  

Azcarraga will take this player out
Azcarraga will take this player out

Things inside the dressing room of the Mexican national team are not going in the best possible way. It turns out that a person close to the team exposed many of the conflictive situations and interests that encompass a figure like the Mexican team. For this reason, he would be removed from any proximity to El Tri.

For exposing them, now his destiny is to leave for good once and for all and not to know anything more about the Mexican team. From the inside, he revealed all the problems and conflicts experienced in the team. That is why now, the comments made by this individual are clearly reflected in the team's performance and poor results.

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The criticisms cost Enrique Bermudez his dismissal from TUDN, the Mexican national team's official television media, which sought to wash his image and sell him to a fan base that no longer believes in the team. All this just a few months before the next World Cup.

Is Enrique Bermúdez leaving for good?

The journalist said that he was tired of being in the media and that he wanted to dedicate time and space to his family, which is why the World Cup in Qatar would be his last. A situation that "Perro" Bermúdez will occupy.


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