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Liga MX 2022: Nino Mota's contract fell through and will no longer join Tigres

The young Fluminense star was not happy with the offer that the Nuevo León team made for him and decided to stay in Brazil. 

Tigres was looking for the Flu central defender, who was open to playing in the Mexican League 2022
Tigres was looking for the Flu central defender, who was open to playing in the Mexican League 2022

The information on transfers in Liga MX 2022 continues and this time the Felinos were unlucky as the signing of Nino Mota, the player Tigres wanted, fell through

Everything seems to indicate that Miguel Herrera's project to bring the Olympic champion from Brazil will not be carried out due to the economic issue

As announced yesterday, Tigres was looking for the Flu central defender, who was open to playing in the Mexican League 2022, and the Felinos had already entered the negotiation phase with the manager of the 24-year-old player

However, there were two complications that put paid to the Mexican team's ambitions to acquire the services of the young Brazilian star. 

The two problems that prevented Nino Mota's arrival at Tigres

The first problem was the price to be paid for the player, as it was learned that Tigres offered US$5 million for the player's transfer. 

However, it was known that the defender's price was 7.5 million dollars, which made him practically unaffordable for the club managed by Miguel Herrera

And given that the Flu changed the negotiation and asked for 7.5 million dollars for the Brazilian, Tigres decided to withdraw from the table and start looking for other options for reinforcements. 

The other problem, which probably triggered the rejection of the Mexican team's offer, is that Mota's card does not belong 100% to Flu

In fact, 60 percent does belong to Fluminense, but the remaining 40 percent belongs to Criciúma EC, the team to which the Olympic champion belonged before joining Fluzão.

Nino Mota did not join Tigres because of... pressure from his former team?

The negotiation became so complex that the president of Fluminense himself, Mario Bittencourt, came out to explain the situation

The executive explained that in the negotiation they sought to keep at least 4.5 million dollars from the transfer, as they own 60% of the player's transfer. 

And he implied that if the negotiation fell through, it was due to pressure from the previous team for which Mota played

"The president of Tigres spoke to me directly and Tigres' offer was 5 million dollars, but we wanted a minimum for us of 4.4, 4.5 million minimum for our 60 percent. For us it was fair for the market value and Criciúma did not accept, so that's where things stood," said Bittencourt. 

And for this reason, Tigres will continue to sound out to see if they can find the defender they need.

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