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In addition to Mezut Ozil, which other celebrities own Necaxa?

Los Rayos is one of the teams that have several celebrities as part of their investors. 

Incredible as it may seem, the Rayos is one of the Mexican soccer teams with several celebrities as owners.
Incredible as it may seem, the Rayos is one of the Mexican soccer teams with several celebrities as owners.

On this day Mesut Ozil went viral for wishing luck to the Rayos of Liga MX, a team he owns. But besides him, which other celebrities own Necaxa?

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Incredible as it may seem, the Rayos is one of the Mexican soccer teams with several celebrities as owners.

These are the other celebrities who own Rayos del Necaxa

In addition to Mesut Ozil, other celebrities who own Necaxa are model, actress, and businesswoman Eva Longoria, Oscar-nominated model and actress Kate Hudson, Justin Verlander, the American baseball player who was rookie of the year in 2006, and NBA player Victor Oladipo.

Other celebrities who own shares of the Liga MX team include skier Bode Miller, and former NBA players Richard Hamilton and Shawn Marion.

But how was it possible for these figures to become owners of a mid-table team like the Rayos, now managed by Jaime Lozano

This is how Mesut Ozil and Eva Longoria became owners of Necaxa

After businessman Ernesto Tinajero bought the club in March 2014, the club began a slow and arduous road back to the First Division of Mexican soccer, as they were in the Liga de Ascenso (the Second Division of mexican soccer).

The club had been in that league for 5 years, seeking to return to Liga MX, which it would not achieve until 2016 when it was part of the clubs that played in the 2016 Apertura Tournament.

And after 7 years of having bought the club and having achieved its promotion to the Mexican First Division, the businessman agreed to sell 50% of the club to the investment group Tylis-Porter. And part of this group of investors is made up of sportsmen, but also celebrities. 

Tylis-Porter: the reason why Mesut Ozil and Eva Longoria are Necaxa's owners

It was on May 24, 2021, that the Liga MX Assembly authorized the investment of foreign shareholders in the Rayos, and this opened the possibility that Tylis-Porter could invest in the team from Aguascalientes, Mexico.

As a consequence, celebrities such as the aforementioned became part of the decision-makers at the Liga MX club. And for that reason, Mesut Ozil wished the Rayos luck in their match against Cruz Azul, which will be played this Saturday, May 7, for the opportunity to play in the Liga MX Playoffs.

Necaxa managed to reach the reclassification matches after having a very bad start to the tournament under Argentine coach Pablo Guede, under whom the club suffered 4 consecutive defeats at the beginning of the tournament.

Losing patience, the Rayos' board of directors fired the Argentinean and called in Jaime Lozano as the new head coach, with whom the club has now managed to obtain the opportunity to reach the Liguilla (Playoffs) if they manage to survive the reclassification phase.

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