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In Veracruz, they did not want him, so Jurado would have dedicated himself to this instead of soccer

At a time when he lacked confidence in Veracruz, the goalkeeper considered retirement to continue the family tradition.

Jurado will defend Cruz Azul's goal against Tigres, next thursday.
Jurado will defend Cruz Azul's goal against Tigres, next thursday.

Sebastian Jurado, who had an outstanding performance with Cruz Azul in the playoff game, and with the young goalkeeper's help, ended up taking the Cementeros to the Liguilla, had to choose between the family tradition of engineering and being one of the great promises of goalkeeping in Mexico.

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Sebastián Jurado was 15 years old when Alberto Guadarrama, former goalkeeper of La Máquina Celeste, met him at the now-defunct Veracruz.

Guadarrama recalled with great joy and satisfaction that he was in charge of guiding and training him for more than six years, a period in which he discovered Jurado's great soccer qualities.

Why did Jurado want to quit soccer?

Guadarrama explained why Jurado wanted to quit soccer and commented:

"When La Piedad was in Veracruz, I was in charge of all the categories, we were looking for people for the first team. That's when I grabbed the 15-year-old Sebastián. He would always say to me, 'Teacher, bring me up, and I would reply, 'You're going to see how much trouble I'm going to put you in...'. The first exercise I did was with a tennis racket, I smashed it on his forehead. And he told me: 'Now yes, now yes, again, I wasn't ready for it.

"He wasn't ready, he was very young, he was 17 years old. Then Carlos Reinoso arrived and Sebastián no longer wanted to play, that's when he lost it because he wanted to quit... I told him, 'wait, you have a second chance? I was on my way back from Orizaba and I told him: 'I've got you again, you've lost your temper. Jurado didn't want to play anymore, because of Reinoso's way of being and because his family are engineers. That's why he wanted to leave".

After Corona's absence, he has regained his confidence

Looking ahead to Cruz Azul in the Liguilla and in the absence of José de Jesús Corona in the Celeste goal, Jurado now has less pressure behind him, there is no pressure at all and no excuse. For Guadarrama, it is a great opportunity to see what Sebastián is capable of doing. He commented: "There is no excuse, today is Sebastián's moment. He knows how much I love him, how I prepared him for a Liguilla".

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