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Chivas midfielders cost millions and Jeremy Márquez scores them a brace, silencing Akron Stadium

Chivas suffered a terrible blow in the first half of the first leg against the Zorros.

The Rojiblancos received a hard blow during the first half of the first leg against the Rojinegros.
The Rojiblancos received a hard blow during the first half of the first leg against the Rojinegros.

The Rebaño Sagrado's first half against the Zorros was a nightmare as Chivas' midfielders cost a million dollars and Jeremy Márquez scored a double, silencing the Akron Stadium.

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In this way, the Rojiblancos received a hard blow during the first half of the first leg against the Rojinegros, played at the Akron Stadium, demonstrating that money does not always guarantee to have the best players on a team.

This is how much Chivas' midfielders cost in millions

Adding up what all Chivas midfielders are worth, according to their information available on Transfermarkt, it is 4 million euros, compared to the 400 thousand euros that Jeremy Márquez costs

So it is surprising that with such a highly valued midfielders, the Rebaño Sagrado players have not been able to prevent Zorro's midfielder from getting on the scoreboard. 

In less than 17 minutes, Márquez managed to score two goals against Chivas and showed that despite playing in the stadium of their fiercest rivals, he does not shy away.

Jeremy Márquez twice silenced the Akron Stadium

In the 44th and 47th minutes, Márquez managed to do something that seemed impossible: he silenced the Akron Stadium, which until before his goal was a party as the fans were cheering Chivas like never before. 

However, on both his first and second goals, only the screams of the Atlas fans could be heard, who chanted Márquez's name while celebrating his feat on both occasions. 

Although the player is not well known for his scoring ability, it is a great contribution to the team that in one of the team's most important moments he loses his fear and scores against his fiercest rival.

Márquez is a homegrown player for Atlas, and since his debut in the 2019-2020 season, he has become indispensable in the club's different lineups, until becoming an integral part of Diego Cocca's scheme, with whom he was champion in the Apertura 2021.

The two goals scored by Márquez are not the only ones he has scored in his career with Atlas, as he has scored two goals with the Zorros.

The first was precisely in his debut season, in the 2019-2020 season, and his second goal came in the 2020-2021 season.

And while those goals were important for his team, the player had not been considered a goal-scoring midfielder, but probably after the Liguilla match against Chivas, other teams have surely already contemplated him.

Will Chivas start to receive offers for the midfielder?

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