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After Matías Almeyda left the San José Earthquakes, two national teams and a team are looking for him

"El Pelado" is one of the most sought-after coaches at the moment.

The search for the Matías Almeyda is not something new, as several clubs have been dreaming of having him for a long time.
The search for the Matías Almeyda is not something new, as several clubs have been dreaming of having him for a long time.

It is time for a change for "El Pelado" and after Matias Almeyda departs from San Jose Earthquakes, two national teams and one team are looking for him.

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But the search for the Argentinean coach is not something new, as several clubs have been dreaming of having him for a long time.

The only thing that hindered this ambition was that the Argentinean still had a valid contract with the San Jose Earthquakes, but that is over for the coach. 

Matias Almeyda's departure from San Jose Earthquakes 

Due to the poor results he obtained with the Quakes, the club's board of directors decided to terminate the contract they had with the Argentinean tactician early, and as soon as the news got out, many teams got their hopes up. 

In the 7 weeks since the start of Major League Soccer, the SJ Earthquakes have not managed to win a single match and have accumulated 3 draws and 4 defeats, which put them at the bottom of the Western Conference standings. 

In addition, the club finished as the worst scorer in its conference with 17 goals against and only 11 in favor, which is why the Californian club decided to thank him and fire Almeyda. 

But this bad result does not sum up his career, so despite the way he left the Californian team, he still has a well-earned prestige.

After what the coach achieved with Chivas in Liga MX, anyone would want him in their institution, but three teams have a very high probability of hiring him.

Below is the list of these teams that are looking for him and, to no one's surprise, among them, there are a couple of national teams that would be happy to have Almeyda for their World Cup processes. 

The two national teams and the team looking for Matias Almeyda

The Chilean national soccer team

After Martin Lasarte's departure from the Chilean national team was confirmed, following their failure to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022, there are strong press reports that La Roja is the next destination for the Argentinean.

Eto would be very favorable for Almeyda as it would mark his return to South American soccer, which he knows in depth and with which he could feel more comfortable, which could bring very good results for the next World Cup process.

The Colombian national soccer team

This national team also fired its coach, Reinaldo Rueda, so they are currently looking for a new coach to help them go to the next World Cup, which will be held in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

And one of the names that have been most talked about for the position is Matías Almeyda, who would surely be happy to return to coach in South America since he knows that style of soccer very well.

Tigres, from Liga MX

Why Tigres, when Miguel Herrera has been playing a great role? Yes, but for the same reason, the Mexican National Team could call him due to the health problems affecting Gerardo Martino.

These problems have caused "Tata" to be unable to travel by plane for El Tri matches, so it has long been rumored that his health problems could keep him away from the Mexican national team.

Tigres would therefore be free and with their economic capacity, it would be much more likely that Almeyda would join Los Felinos than Chivas

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