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With Cristiano Ronaldo as leader of the dressing room: How is the relationship between Solskjaer and the players?

According to the English press, the "Red Devils" players are not happy with the Norwegian's management on the bench. In addition, they point him out for having certain favorites.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Cristiano Ronaldo and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Old Trafford is already a powder keg. Manchester United are going through the most irregular moment of the season and Cristiano Ronaldo's goals are no longer enough to sustain the 'Red Devils', least of all Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Norwegian coach has not only left many doubts on the bench, but is now facing a kind of revolution from the dressing room, which is not happy with his management.

According to information from the ‘Daily Mail’, there are many critical voices in the United first team against the Norwegian coach, and one of the most important, if not the most, is that of Cristiano Ronaldo himself. 

According to the aforementioned media, the Portuguese is alarmed by the drop in the level of United that he has noticed on his return to the club. In fact, falling 5-0 against Liverpool and losing 2-0, almost without a chance, against City, are the best example of what the Portuguese claims.

But there is more. His compatriot Bruno Fernandes is another of those who is not happy with Solskjaer. The midfielder considers that the tactics and direction of his coach are not being adequate. At the Old Trafford offices the idea was to keep the Norwegian until the end of the season, but the two crashes mentioned have accelerated decision-making and the possibility of firing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is gaining momentum.

Following the line of the wardrobe revolution, there is another section that has the players restless. And it has to do with certain favorites of the coach to some players. In the locker room there is the feeling that the coach shows favoritism with some players, such as Harry Maguire, who is not going through his best moment and continues to play. In addition, there is a kind of solidarity crusade for Donny van de Beek, who is hardly having any opportunities. His colleagues consider that Solskjaer is not treating him well.

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