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While Pogba wants to go to Madrid like Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo gave them a lesson in how colors are loved in three key moments

The Portuguese celebrated after the victory of the Red Devils against Atalanta in group F of the Champions League. "This is Old Trafford!", Highlighted the Portuguese in his social networks.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba
Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba

Manchester United came back from 2-0 against Atalanta and won for the third day of group F of the Champions League, giving a spectacle with suffering to their fans at Old Trafford. The one in charge of sealing the victory (3-2) was Cristiano Ronaldo, who was more than proud and satisfied after the match.

"Yes! The Theater of Dreams is on fire! We are alive! We are Manchester United and we never give up! This is Old Trafford!", he published on his personal Instagram. With the victory at Old Trafford, the Red Devils are leaders of a group in which all options are possible.

It is that Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United, to win everything in the team of his loves. However, the results were not what he expected, and he was already questioning whether it had been a good choice to return.That is where the love of colors flourishes.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a constant display of dedication and humility. Without going any further, his own actions show that this is so. In the first place, he gave money to return to the Premier League, when he had more tempting offers, even from the neighboring club to United.

Second, it functions as an emblem of a team, which depends a lot on its maximum figure, and never lets them lower their arms. And in third, today he made clear what he feels again, with the publication that Old Trafford is his home.

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