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They are still valid: only 15 footballers won the World Cup and the Champions League and continue playing

Only 15 players that we can find today in force have managed to raise the two most important tournaments in the world. At the club level, and at the national team level.

Mundial, Champions League
Mundial, Champions League

Soccer is undoubtedly the most important sport in the world. Brings people together regardless of age, race, culture, and not even gender. However, what many describe as 22 players behind a ball, can generate the strongest possible emotions in people. The question would be, then, is it just football?

They play 11 on the court, cheer on millions in the stands and from their homes. They all have the same desire, to be champions of whatever competition they have in front of them. However, the dream of every footballer, and of course his fans, is to conquer the most important tournaments in the world. There are 70 players who managed to do it at the team level, lifting the UEFA Champions League, as with their national team, winning the World Cup.

Spain National Team

However, the list is shortened even more, if we analyze the players who achieved both conquests, and they remain in force today. It is true, we would eliminate great legends such as Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Xabi Alonso, Andrea Pirlo or Gennaro Gatusso, and surprisingly, we cannot include Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, who were not lucky with their national teams. The list of players is headed by Spain, champion in South Africa 2010, with 6 men who currently play professional footballers: With Sergio RamosSergio Busquets and Gerard Piqué as the main figures, the list is completed by PedroJuan Mata and Javier Martínez.

Germany National Team

They are followed by 5 Germans, who were able to lift the most important trophy in the world in 2014, at the World Cup held in Brazil. Taking hierarchical layers, given the enormous trajectories of each of them, the list is made up of Tony KroosThomas MüllerSami KhediraJerome Boateng and Manuel Neuer. And finally, the brand new champions of the last edition in Russia 2018 are the 4 French. Three of them have the milestone of being, even, the current Champions League champions with Bayern Münich: Benjamin PavardCorentin Tolisso and Lucas HernándezRaphael Varane, of Real Madrid finalizes the list.

France National Team

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