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Scare in the German selection: His plane had to land in an emergency, but his players were stable

The Federación Alemana de Fútbol (DFB) reported that the plane that carried the equipment landed in Edinburgh, in Scotland, for “safety” reasons. Everything has happened in a professional way.

Germany National Team
Germany National Team

The Germany National Team completed a fantastic journey in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers: a cloud of snow and was placed on top of the J Group. to thrash Iceland 0-4, even though there was an inconvenience in the route, which caused a little nervousness among the squad.

The plane that moved the equipment to land unexpectedly in Edinburgh (Scotland) for reasons of “security”, signed by the German Federation of Football (DFB). The reasons for landing a plane that had to directly connect Reykjavik and Fráncfort in the fueron explained.

In a message on Twitter the DFB says “a security control in the apparatus”. “Every pasó calmly, in a very professional way. However, we are on the plane and we will have patience for a while”, added the DFB. The apparatus managed the Lithuanian charter company KlasJet and had to get to Francfort at dawn. Luego, the federation indicated that a plane detached from Germany this youth bound for Edinburgh to repatriate the delegation.

And so it was because hours later, in the networks they detailed that started the new flight: “Now we are on the replacement plane. Yendo directly to Frankfurt and Múnich”. To make the wait less heavy, they will also remember the most important thing about the crossing: “In my equipment: 9 points from 3 parties”.

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