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Ronald Koeman doesn't feel comfortable in Barcelona, and attacked his fans

The Barcelona coach told how he felt after his car was hit after the defeat in the classic, and attacked his fans.  

Ronald Koeman
Ronald Koeman

Barcelona is going through a complex moment and the fans are not happy with the performance of the squad. Many of the fans channel their anger with Ronald Koeman and hold him responsible for the latest results. This Sunday after the defeat against Real Madrid, a violent situation occurred and the Dutch coach analyzed how he felt after what he experienced.

At the end of the match, when Koeman was leaving the stadium, a horde of fans attacked the vehicle in which he was traveling with the intention of intimidating him into resigning. "Resignation" and "to the street at once", they shouted, between insults, at the Barça coach, who, accompanied by his wife, observed what was happening around him while he tried to escape from the place at the wheel of his car. There was anger, and it showed.

In the press conference prior to the meeting with Rayo Vallecano that will be played this Wednesday by La Liga, the coach analyzed the experience and said: "I don't think there is a solution. For me it is a social problem. They are Catalans or people who have education problems. They don't know what the norms and values are".

Even so, he considered that the situation on the playing field had been very different and explained: "The atmosphere on the field, even at 0-2, was the opposite. You don't have to pay much attention to those people. With the video, with the recording ... we already have it here every day".

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