FC Barcelona legend sympathizes with Xavi about his decision to leave

Former FC Barcelona manager agrees with the challenges of coaching the club.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Xavi Hernandez isn't the only one that felt the Barca job to be difficult.
Xavi Hernandez isn't the only one that felt the Barca job to be difficult.
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Xavi Hernandez surprised everyone at FC Barcelona when he announced that he would be leaving the club at the end of the season. Xavi joined FC Barcelona as manager of the team in November 2021. Xavi believes that his announcement will improve the team's performance for the rest of the season.

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Xavi has proven himself right so far, as he won two La Liga games after his announcement. FC Barcelona has beaten Osasuna 1-0 and Deportivo Alaves 3-1. These wins have put them 3rd in La Liga with 50 points, 8 points behind league leaders Real Madrid. Girona are second with 56 points, while Atletico Madrid are 4th with 48 points. Real Madrid and Girona will play each other this Saturday in La Liga, which guarantees dropped points from either team.

Although the season could potentially take a positive turn for the team, Xavi has been determined to stick with his decision to leave the club this summer. Xavi expressed that the move will help the club move forward and that the job has been tough for him. He is the only one who expresses these thoughts about the Barca job. FC Barcelona legend Ronald Koeman also agrees the Barca job is difficult.

Koeman managed FC Barcelona from 2020 till 2021. Xavi replaced Koeman after Barcelona was 9th in the La Liga table. Koeman guided Barcelona to a 4-0 win against Athletic Bilbao in the 2021 Copa del Rey final. Besides that, Barca finished third in La Liga in the 2020/2021 season with 79 points, 7 points behind 20/21 La Liga winners Atletico Madrid.

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Ronald Koeman describes the FC Barcelona job as an 'assault' on his mental health

Koeman explains his time at Barca as the coach and discusses Xavi's decision. Koeman says, "I understand Xavi. In my case, compared to Xavi's, I had difficulties with the President. Especially when things don't go well or when you don't win a trophy... The media points a gun at you. If things don't go well, It's always the coach's fault."

Koeman continues and says, "Being a Barça coach is an assault on your mental health. There is a lot of stress and pressure. It is much more fun to be a Barcelona player than a coach, and Xavi, as a Catalan and part of the club, has surely noticed it. It's the hardest coaching job I've ever had."

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