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Real Madrid wants to take Mexican Messi away from FC Barcelona and Manchester City

Florentino Pérez's team turned its attention on the Mexican jewel. 

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Alex Alcalá became one of the young promises of Mexican football and now it is said that he already has a pre-agreement with the Manchester City group to sign him when he turns 18. But another of the greatest teams in the world wants to remove him and break that clause.

The "Mexican Messi" as they call him, is 15 years old and plays for LA Galaxy. He already was in the lower ranks of Manchester City but Alex Alcalá also went through La Masia of FC Barcelona. He left with very good feelings for both clubs, so when he reaches the legal age, of course they will offer him an irrefutable contract.

As he’s only 15 years old he can’t sign contracts because FIFA prohibits clubs from signing contracts under age. But Alex Alcalá aroused the interest of a third great club that is Real Madrid, an expert club in taking away those young people who are beginning to stand out anywhere in the world.

Real Madrid already proved it when young talents such as Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo, Martin Ødegaard and Takefusa Kubo began to stand out for football or for the marketing issue, and Florentino Pérez and Real Madrid immediately moved their contacts to get them signed.

Being a player from Mexico who is nicknamed "Mexican Messi", Real Madrid will pay all its attention to try to sign him, even more so when they know that FC Barcelona and Manchester City are already looking for him. Alex Alcalá also generates the attention of a whole country and Florentino Pérez's team loves to sign players from countries that breathe football.

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