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Messi's salary at Inter Miami: how much money does Beckham offer him to play in MLS?

Lionel Messi is preparing to make his debut for PSG while in MLS they dream of having him soon playing for that league. A great offer would come from Miami and the Argentine striker would be willing to analyze it.  

Lionel Messi and David Beckham
Lionel Messi and David Beckham

Lionel Messi has already signed with Paris Saint-Germain and the soccer world is eager to see Messi's debut in the Paris All Star team. However, Inter Miami is preparing an offer to seduce the striker and dreams of having him in the squad in the future.

Inter Miami wants to sign the Argentine and although they know that it is complex for Messi to move to the United States now, the owners are already moving forward with negotiations so that the signing can be made, if it is not possible in 2022 they will try later. This was confirmed by Jorge Más, owner of the Inter Miami.

David Beckham, former Real Madrid star, who is leading the negotiations: "David and I have been working very hard, we have aspirations to bring the best players here and Lionel Messi is a generational player, possibly the best player of all time".

On the possibility of the 34-year-old striker joining his club, he replied: "I am optimistic that Messi will play in the Inter Miami jersey because I believe he will complete the legacy of the best player of our generation and fulfill the ambitions of Inter Miami's owners to build a world-class team".

 "Messi's total salary for his remaining four seasons as a player would be USD 73 million per season and details are still being worked out for his compensation after his playing days are over." For this there would be money contributed by private companies, just as the Los Angeles Galaxy did when it signed Beckham from PSG.

If this negotiation is completed, Messi would be the player with the highest income in MLS, taking into account that currently the best paid player is the Mexican Carlos Vela with USD 6.3 million and his colleague Chicharito Hernández with USD 6 million.

What does Lionel Messi think about MLS?

The Argentine soccer player had given a wink to the MLS when he was interviewed by La Sexta: "I always had the illusion of being able to enjoy and live the experience of living in the United States, to live what that league is, what life is like there. I would like to, then, if it happens or not, I don't know". A few days ago, Luis Suarez even confessed that his goal is to share a team with Lionel there before he retires.

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