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Messi strikes Barcelona back after his contract’s leaking: he made the club earn this fortune

After the Argentinian was exposed in the whole world’s media by having his contract leaked in Spain, the other side of the numbers came up.  

Villain or hero? Messi's contract was leaked, but Barcelona's income with him, too.
Villain or hero? Messi's contract was leaked, but Barcelona's income with him, too.

Argentina's Lionel Messi has spent Sunday complaining and bursting in anger after his contract with Barcelona was leaked by a Spanish newspaper. The 33-year-old star was reported to earn over $600 million over the last three years and a half since his last contract extension was signed with the club in November 2017.

According to Spain’s top newspaper El Mundo the Argentinean master has allegedly earned $671,837,519 since he put his name on the paper. But now, after this was leaked, it seems he did not stay still. Many other publications in the world started putting the information in question, and the procedures for it to come to the light.

Winds of change in Messi's horizon?

Lots of fans, mainly in Argentina, have complained that these figures were leaked thanks to a helping hand from inside the club. That lead many journalists in the world to keep track of the other side of the business. Then it came out how much money did Barcelona earn thanks to Messi’s stellar performances and his big marketing setup.

Marc Ciria, shareholder, and founder of Diagonal Investments has stated Messi is the main generator of what marketing calls “atypical earnings”, explaining he helps the club raise between €250 and €300 million a year. We’re talking about $300-$360 milion a year.Also, he assured that 90% of the pictures Barcelona show to a possible sponsor in negotiations will show how Messi looks wearing the brand, not just the club.

Apart from that, it’s possible to mention that according to research, almost 90% of the tourists from all-around the world who visit Barcelona to go around the stadium and watch a game then buys Messi’s shirt. So, is the Argentinian the evil or the good?

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