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Tigres UANL player underwent cosmetic surgery on his face and was unrecognizable

A Tigres player surprised everyone by showing how he was after surgery

Jesús Dueñas, the Tigres UANL player, underwent cosmetic surgery.
Jesús Dueñas, the Tigres UANL player, underwent cosmetic surgery.

At the end of April, Jesús Dueñas was operated on for a chronic sprain of the peroneo-talar ligaments that caused instability in his left ankle; That wasn't all, the Pollo went back into an operating room.

This is how Jesús Dueñas, the Tigres UANL player, now look. Photo: Mediotiempo.

This time it wasn't out of necessity, but for aesthetics, since like the Mexican footballer, Héctor Herrera, he had his face operated on and he's different! There are even comments from fans on social networks pointing out that it was a drastic change.

Dueñas operated his nose and did other cosmetic details on his face, in addition to liposuction, since he was overweight and made him look slower on the court.

Héctor Herrera did it first

After the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Héctor Herrera took advantage of his vacation to undergo an aesthetic change and for that reason he underwent surgery on his nose and ears.

Through a statement, the Porto soccer player stated that the nose procedure was in order to "breathe easier", while the otoplasty (ear surgery) did not give any explanation.

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