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How much money is estimated that Arturo Vidal lost after the robbery?

Reports indicated that the thieves took a Mercedes Benz and other valuables. The act occurred while Arturo Vidal was playing with Inter Milan in an Italian League match.

Arturo Vidal
Arturo Vidal

Some thieves robbed the mansion of Arturo Vidal, a midfielder for Inter Milan and the Chilean team, near Lake Como and took a loot estimated at 400 thousand euros, the Italian media reported this Sunday.

The robbery occurred on the night of November 7, when the Milan derby was being played between Inter and Milan, but the news transpired this Sunday in Italy, where it is noted that the thieves stole a Mercedes car, jewelry and watches.

The 34-year-old Chilean midfielder played 23 minutes in that Milanese derby, ending in a 1-1 draw. The thieves, according to the reconstructions, entered Vidal's house between 8:45 pm and 9:00 pm, the time the derby started, when they were sure that no one was in the house.

Vidal is passionate about luxury cars, which he also usually shows off on his social networks. It is the second time that the Chilean suffers from crime, because in his time at Juventus in Turin, Arturo Vidal had also been the victim of a robbery at his home.

Arturo Vidal: What was stolen from him and how much is it estimated that he lost financially?

The criminals took a Mercedes Benz car, jewelry and watches. The estimated loot, according to what they took, is 400,000 euros.

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