Arturo Vidal is known only for the parties and for the times he criticized someone like Garnacho, look at the Chilean's karma

Arturo Vidal should just remain silent more often!

By Wilian Estrella

Arturo Vidal should just remain silent more often!
Arturo Vidal should just remain silent more often!
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Arturo Virdal is a Chilean legend, there is no doubt about that. The midfielder, in addition to his talent, has always been well known for the parties he throws and for his constant criticism of Real Madrid, well, he has made comments such as that Real Madrid steals, or that they are going to destroy them! before playing against them, always receiving karma, since he always ended up losing.

Another example is when he warned Bayern Munich when they were going to face FC Barcelona. The Chilean said "Bayern must know that they are facing Barcelona, the best team in the world, not a Bundesliga team"... Bayern later won that match 8-2. 

Now it happened once again, the Chilean criticized Alejandro Garnaccho. Arturo Vidal has now gone viral in the last few hours, because on his Twitch channel: “I saw it, we were watching the game. It was a great goal but terrible. The only bad thing or what I didn't understand is why he celebrates like a Christian. I don't understand why the sheet metal isn't made from it. Okay, but he has to make up his name. He is an already great player. "It's good that she is his idol of him, I respect that, but then he has to make his name of him," Vidal said on his Twitch channel. And he closed his reflection indignantly: "How is he going to celebrate a goal and leave?" to remember him? I don't know, celebrate it another way. But he was a great goal, he was a great goal”

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