No way: Arturo Vidal harsh words on Alejandro Garnacho's bicycle kick CR7 celebration

Arturo Vidal is not happy with the way Garnacho celebrated

By Hector Garcia

Arturo Vidal is not happy with the way Garnacho celebrated
Arturo Vidal is not happy with the way Garnacho celebrated
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Manchester United had an excellent performance yesterday and turned things in their favour at Goodison Park with a great bicycle kick goal from Alejandro Garnacho. Without a doubt, the goals that people remember are these types of goals and even more so if they happen in the Premier League. With that said, things are expected to get better for Erik ten Hag's team, among other things.

Similarly, Everton is in the middle of controversy due to the issue of Financial Fair Play where the Premier League decided to take several points away from them. Given this, it is expected that things will calm down a little as the days go by. Nevertheless, for many national and international media, there are some teams that have committed several fouls and have not been punished

In view of this, England reports what the possible sanctions against the teams may be in case they are found guilty. The team that has generated the most controversy has undoubtedly been Manchester City, who are far from being absolved of all blame by the fans. Because of this, the controversy continues to grow and the mockery of Guardiola's team on social media does not stop

However, the issue of City and Everton is not the only one that has caused discomfort. For some, Garnacho's goal even caused emotion but also generated a bit of annoyance in the way he celebrated it. Faced with this, Arturo Vidal did not hesitate to send a message to Alejandro Garnacho.

Arturo Vidal's words on Garnacho's celebration

It is worth mentioning that after his great goal against Everton, Garnacho celebrated like Cristiano Ronaldo. This, due to the player's great admiration for Ronaldo. After celebrating in this way, Arturo Vidal didn't think it was the way Garnacho celebrated so he didn't hesitate to express it via Twitch

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