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Cristiano's sister: the photo he took that made Juventus furious after his arrival at Manchester United

Katia Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo's sister, made the social networks explode with a post about the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United after 12 years.

Kátia Aveiro: Cristiano's sister
Kátia Aveiro: Cristiano's sister

Cristiano Ronaldo will return to wear the colors of Manchester United after 12 years and countless titles and personal achievements in the middle. This will also be a new adventure for his family, who after migrating to Turin, will now settle in the English city. Who was happy for his return was his sister Katia Aveiro, who aroused the criticism that the fans of the Vecchia Signora with one of his latest Instagram posts.

"He's back," could be read in the image she posted on her social rede in which the five-time Ballon d'Or winner appears seated on a throne with the crown and a trident, alluding to the Manchester United nickname. "Welcome home my love, welcome to the place you deserve. What happiness, what pride. Thank you for being this great man." Words that quickly became objects of criticism for some angry Juventus fans to the point that the Portuguese decided to block the comments on that post.

Ronaldo's sister recovers from the Covid

Katia Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo's sister considered that it was prudent to make a first-person disclaimer, because there were many false news about how the disease was going: "I tried not to do it in recent days, but as the news travels fast, and out of respect for those who follow me and care about me, I will share with you the truth," she said.

The Portuguese said that last July 17 she was diagnosed with covid and since then she has been isolated at home, with mild symptoms and respecting the protocol with all its rules. However, "unfortunately since last Friday I got worse. I had pneumonia as a consequence of the damned virus. Finally I was hospitalized and here I am, recovering, thank God", she explained next to a photo from the Hospital.

Aveiro, who at the time of contracting the virus was on vacation in Madeira (Portugal), is currently undergoing the illness at the Sesaram hospital in Funchal, under the care of a team of young doctors: "This damned virus will not make me fall. The irony of destiny comes to meet me in my little corner of heaven which is my land. In my people is the example that remains that in life what we undoubtedly have is the love of our people, the desire to be happy with them and to do what we love".

Finally, he detailed that he is reacting well and can already see slight improvements with each passing day. "And best of all, I am losing the weight I had gained during this vacation. Not everything can be bad," he joked about one of the consequences of being Covid-19 positive. "I love you, take care of yourselves, take vitamins, joy, peace and zest for life. Your immune system will thank you."

Katia Aveiro's career

Cristiano Ronaldo's sister has been in the news several times in the world of soccer and the sister of the Portuguese who in the last hours returned to Manchester United is a recognized star in social networks, Aveiro has in her resume an outstanding musical career that has led her to be in important national and international television stages, such as the Eurovision Song Contest, where she represented Portugal.

However, the facet of Ronaldo's sister that is most highlighted in the media is the one that has to do with the catwalks, her career as a model that has taken off after posing for several magazines. "I like to show my skin, it makes everything easier, Aveiro explained.

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