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Messi doesn't need to speak French at PSG

The club no longer requires its players to learn the local language, although the Argentine star and his wife took lessons some time ago. 

The language has not been an obstacle for the player, as he prefers to speak with his feet
The language has not been an obstacle for the player, as he prefers to speak with his feet

Lionel Messi does not need to speak French at PSG, since it is no longer a requirement that the club makes mandatory for its players

It was recently made public that in the dressing room of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, the most spoken languages are English and Spanish

In the past, it had been reported that Messi, along with his wife Antonella Rocuzzo and their children, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro had started taking French classes, long before the possibility of the star arriving in Paris. 

But apparently, the language has not been an obstacle for the player, as he prefers to speak with his feet.

And this has been reflected by winning his last Ballon d'Or, for his latest performances at Barcelona, and winning the Copa America 2021 with Argentina.

PSG no longer forces its players to learn French

There was a time when Paris Saint-Germain required its players to learn to speak French to be part of the team. But those times are long gone. 

Due to the internationalization of the club and the fact that it now has players from different parts of the world, the most spoken languages in the dressing room are English and Spanish

This was confirmed by Marca newspaper in its coverage of France's Ligue 1, in an article detailing that coach Mauricio Pochettino barely speaks French

The article describes that when the coach addresses his players, he does so in Spanish or English; and he is not the only one in the team to do this. 

Kylian Mbappe, the star of PSG and France's national soccer team, prefers to speak to his teammates in Spanish or English, even when he is in his own country. 

And not only him, but also his teammates Idrissa Gueye and Abdoul Diallo, who speak perfect French, also use English and Spanish to coordinate with their teammates.

However, the Parisian team is still waiting for the Argentine star to explode and show his best version

Messi's performance at PSG is far from his best days

Although this is the first year that Lionel Messi has played for a team other than Barcelona, his adaptation period is still not over.

And this is compounded by a knee injury that the player suffered against Lyon in Ligue 1 in France. 

So far, Messi has only scored one goal in the French first division in nine games played for the club, although in the Champions League he has five goals in five games

Not bad for the player since PSG signed him to try to consolidate his position in Europe's main club competition. 

Another factor that seems to be hampering the player's adaptation process is the climate. 

In an interview Luis Suarez gave to the media, he commented that he talks to his former Argentine teammate every day and clarified that the cold is a factor against Messi. 

"We still talk every day. He told me that when he plays in the cold he suffers a lot, especially in the snow. You have to get used to the cold there, of course," stated the charrúa. 

This adaptation period, however, has been closely followed by fans and media alike, to the point that controversy was recently generated on the field. 

PSG coach Mauricio Pochetino substituted the Argentine star during the match against Lyon on Sunday, September 19.

The media immediately began to speculate why the coach dared to remove a player of Messi's stature from the field. 

But this controversy ceased as soon as it became known that the Argentine had a left knee injury as a result of a blow suffered during the match.

Still, there is a lot of pressure that the Parisian number 30 has to face in his new team. But it is likely that once he finishes adapting to his new conditions, Lionel Messi will show his abilities as he has always done. 

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