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Bayern Munich figure, Thomas Muller, made public his problem that could change his life

Thomas Muller, surprised everyone with a publication on his personal Instagram, in which he shows a problem that he presents in both feet, and that could end up marking his future as a footballer.

Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller

While Bayern Munich is faced with the need to maintain its finances, Thomas Muller is in major problems and has already made it public. Bayern are currently in a dilemma between the need to maintain financial stability, with a clear salary scale, and the challenge of negotiating the renewals of important players with Leon Goretzka or Kingsley Coman.

One of its stars, Thomas Muller is with another urgency, urgently visiting a pedicurist to try to improve the appearance of his feet, something that worries the German crack. "I need to see the nail man urgently" he wrote in his post.

This was his last post on Instagram where he shows his concern, without leaving good humor aside and suggesting that the appearance of his main work tools should be treated for the better, which generated so much happiness and money. In Bayern's salary structure, the top of the pyramid is made up of the three captains Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski.

The first two are estimated to earn around € 20 million gross per year. The Polish scorer is above them. Clearly some rest will have to invest in their golden feet or look for a good exchange to continue promoting in their networks as they improve.


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