Why could Ronaldinho go back to prison?

It comes out of one and into another. Once again, Ronaldinho involved in a legal case, which could trigger his prison in the case of not solving it. The cause of the problem, below.

Ronaldinho at prison
Ronaldinho at prison

At the beginning of 2020, Ronaldinho lived a difficult and delicate situation because he was arrested in Paraguay for presenting himself with false documentation, something totally illegal. The Brazilian star was imprisoned for six months and was released in August 2020.

Upon leaving, Ronaldinho suffered the death of his mother from COVID-19 and as if that were not enough, Dinho's financial situation is not the best. And right now the two things would come together again because Ronaldinho has serious financial problems and could go back to prison, but in Brazil.

The problems are linked to Priscila Coehlo, his former partner. Ronaldinho did not pay the pension demanded by justice and the next step will be to seize his personal assets because the debt has been coming since October last year. 

Now Ronaldinho received the notification from the Rio de Janeiro Court that set December 11 as the deadline to pay the amount to Priscilla Coelho, with whom he had a six-year relationship. The amount claimed would be around 100,000 Brazilian reais per month and if he does not provide this amount, he could be processed again and taken to jail.

The claim of his former partner's defense attorney

Alberto Medrado, lawyer for the victim, gave details in Extra of the judicial process and warned Ronaldinho: "In this case, the execution process that we have already started to receive the amount, already defined in the process that will judge the stable union, of this provisional alimony, it does not fit into this discussion. If you want to reverse the decision, you have to go to the main process, which was what gave you this provisional alimony. Now it is paid or paid. "

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