Puyol, Lamppard, Kaka and Ronaldinho receive a special invitation to play again

FIFA has a new project that could get them back into the pitch.

By Juan Macías

Ronaldinho, Puyol and Lampard
Ronaldinho, Puyol and Lampard
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The fact is that there are several players that still have a lot of talent but due to the age they might not be able to show it right now.

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Football fans around the world know that there are several players that leave a mark on the history of the sport because of their great talent, but due to the age or even the injuries they were not able to continue playing at the highest level, and now they might be working on a project that would allow them to keep showing their talent to the fans in the future.

Several sources have now confirmed that EPG is working on the idea to organize a World Cup for players that are over 35 years old, and this would allow players liek Ronaldinho, Kaka, Puyol, Lampard and many others that might still be fit to play to show their talent even with the age now that they fans would really like to see them on the pitch for the near future.

The thruth is that right now there is little information to the project, but the fact is that in social media there are a lot of fans that would be ready to go ahead and support them in the project that would allow them to get back into the pitch and show why they were stars few years ago now.

Tournament consists of seven matches in the same stadium, quarter-finals on June 4-5, semi-finals on June 8, and final on June 11 and most of the sources believe that right now this tournament would take place in England, and the teams invited would be the 8 countries that have won a World Cup, and now they are looking to see the reaction of the fans to this new idea now.

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Elite Players Group

The tournament is set to include the participation of Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry and Frank Lampard which are the captains of each country are founders of EPG, and they would be ready to make sure that the tournament reaches the level of the current World Cup right now.

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