Ronaldinho's low blow to Cristiano Ronaldo to defend Lionel Messi

Which side are you on, Ronaldinho or Cristiano Ronaldo?

By William Estrella

Which side are you on, Ronaldinho or Cristiano Ronaldo?
Which side are you on, Ronaldinho or Cristiano Ronaldo?
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There has been a lot of controversy with the Ballon d'Or and The Best awards in recent years, but now with the latest Lionel Messi awards the controversy has risen exponentially. Cristiano Ronaldo himself strongly criticized the awards by saying this:

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"The Ballon d'Or and The Best are losing credibility. We have to analyze the entire season. It does not mean that Messi did not deserve it, nor Haaland, nor Mbappé. I simply no longer believe in these awards. It is not because he won the Globe Soccer "But they are facts, numbers and the numbers don't lie: they can't take this trophy away from me because it's reality. That makes me even happier."

Now, Ronaldinho has come out to defend Lionel Messi and attack Cristiano Ronaldo, well, this is what he commented on the same topic:

“I think, in a way, these awards are losing credibility. You have to analyze the entire season. I don't want to say that Messi didn't deserve it or Haaland or even Mbappé. I just don't believe in these awards anymore. And it's not because he won at Globe Soccer. But they are facts, they are numbers. And the numbers don't lie. Messi recently won The Best and played practically all year in the United States, which also does not have the visibility of European football.

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"I'm used to it and I know how these organizations work. To be honest, I didn't watch The Best awards ceremony. Of the 54 goals I scored, some will say it's easier because I'm in Saudi Arabia. But the professionals in the football know that it is difficult to score goals, whether in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain or Portugal,"

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