The Premier League winner: does it earn more than the Champions League winner?

The Premier League is actually the most financially rewarding competition in Europe over the most coveted UEFA Champions League.

Premier League and Champions League trophy
Premier League and Champions League trophy

The Premier League is one of the most economically buoyant League in the world. The financial reward for the winner of the Premier League is also one of the biggest in European football. 

Last season the Premier League winner Manchester City went home with £153.9 million prize money. After the effect of covid19 the 2021/2022 revenue promised to be more exciting. 

Compared to the biggest competition in the European football, the Champions League it is on of the most lucrative competition in the world with a lot of financial rewards. The last season final was played by Manchester City and Chelsea. In the Champions League, you earn money as you move across the stages, the two finalist Manchester City and Chelsea have pocketed a total of $75.2 million and $73 million respectively.

This was accumulated based on their performance before the final the final is actually the most rewarding stage with each team pocketing $18.3 million, but the winner will net an additional $4.88 million for automatically qualifying for the UEFA Super Cup, a one-off match against the UEFA Europa League winners, Villarreal CF. At the end of the day the winner will have pocketed $98.38 million and the runner up $91.6 million. The Premier League is more profitable than UEFA Champions League.

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