Monterrey vs Tigres: who has the more expensive roster

Monterrey has the most expensive squad of Guardianes 2021 in Liga MX, having figures that exceed nine million dollars, according to Transfermarkt.

Monterrey vs Tigres
Monterrey vs Tigres

It is no a surprise to anyone that it is one of the two teams from the north that leads the list of the most expensive teams in Liga MX, because in Guard1anes 2021 it is Monterrey that has the most expensive squad in Mexican soccer, even surpassing to his staunch royal rival, Tigres, who also boasts one of the most powerful portfolios in the country.

And it is that according to the specialized site, Transfermarkt, which records the market value of each of the footballers, reports that the current Rayados team is valued at a total of 70.20 million euros, equivalent to just over 84.92 million dollars, much more than what college students are worth.

This is due to the fact that in the Monterrey squad, which is registered in the MX League to play Guard1anes 2021, there are footballers who individually exceed the value of seven million dollars, both foreign figures and Mexican players.

Monterrey vs Tigres: Who are their most expensive players?

The most expensive player on the Monterrey squad is Esteban Andrada, a newcomer to the club. Its value, according to the portal is 8 million dollars. Meanwhile, Tigres has Frenchman Florian Thauvin, whose pass is valued at 17 million.

Monterrey vs Tigres: What is the figure which their teams are valued?

Monterrey and Tigres have the most expensive teams in the competition. Rayados, is above his historical rival, valued at 78.4 million dollars, while Tigres is second with 72.9

Monterrey vs Tigres: Their last game

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