Messi's match against Marseille generated twice as advertising and rights resources as Barcelona - Real Madrid

In case there was any doubt, Lionel Messi is a total gold mine, and today it was proven again. So much so, that his classic against Marseille generated more money than the historic Barcelona - Real Madrid.

Lionel Messi against Marseille
Lionel Messi against Marseille

The arrival of Lionel Messi to PSG has generated a wave of important changes in Ligue 1, since he has had to renegotiate most of his advertising contracts and television rights. The whole world wants to see the captain of the Argentine National Team in his new destination and this is clear in the numbers.

Without going any further, the classic between PSG and Olympique Marseille generated more money in advertising than the darby disputed between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The unattractiveness of the Spanish classic and the presence of Massi in the Parisian team made the different companies that invest in the world of football have opted for the French classic.

The figures are not yet fully defined, but it is estimated that Mesel has only doubled in figures what La Liga received for the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. A clear example of what the Argentine means and how wrong Tebas was in saying that it was not decisive for the La Liga numbers.

At the same time, the viewers of the Spanish cerby dropped considerably, from the more than 1000 million that they managed to have in the golden age of Messi and Cristiano Ronado, they have managed to reach the figure of 400 million people watching the meeting, 600 million people less watching the game.

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