Messi: the 2 star players who asked PSG to win the Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain took all the flashes of the last transfer window and to go in search of the Champions League, they are looking for these two signings who will form a team of stars.

PSG 2021/2022
PSG 2021/2022

Paris Saint-Germain became the team of dreams and the world of soccer The signing of Lionel Messi revolutionized the French capital, adding the arrival of Sergio Ramos, PSG promises a lot of soccer. All with Donnarumma, best player of the Euro, in addition to Wijnaldum, Premier and Champions League champion with Liverpool and Achraf Hakimi, key in the Scudetto of Inter.

These great players join the Champions League finalist two seasons ago and raise the level to become the rival to beat in Europe. Now, the plan continues and has traces that go beyond what was thought.  The summer in which Messi finishes his first year of contract in Paris, PSG has the idea to attract and join in the capital the one who has been the great rival of career of the Argentine, Cristiano Ronaldo, according to French media reports.

The Portuguese will finish his contract at the end of this season and, after weeks of talk of a possible departure, he will remain at Juventus but his renewal is far away. Thus, PSG would be again placed as an attractive destination getting together Portuguese and Argentine understanding that by then, either free or transferred this summer, Mbappé will not be impossible to play with his great idol But not only Cristiano Ronaldo would arrive next year, another great player would complete this team of stars...

Paris Saint Germain 2022

The 2022 will have important players ending their contracts. According to French media reports, PSG is determined to acquire Paul Pogba and Cristiano Ronaldo, completing a team with the best players in the world line by line.

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