Liga MX | Cruz Azul vs. Pachuca: how to watch online on TV in USA , date, match and live stream 2021 Torneo Apertura week 7

Cruz Azul receives Pachuca at the Azteca stadium, this match corresponding to the 7th round of Liga MX. La Maquina is in sixth place and will be looking for a victory to get closer to the top positions.

Cruz Azul Vs. Pachuca
Cruz Azul Vs. Pachuca

Cruz Azul will host the Tuzos del Pachuca for matchday 7 of the Grita México Apertura 2021 Liga MX tournament, just after the All-Star Game and before the September FIFA date. In the last double-header, Cruz Azul obtained five points out of a possible nine, after drawing against Rayados and Atlético de San Luis, and only defeating Toluca on matchday 4.

The good news is that in the match between Cruz Azul and Pachuca, on paper, there will be four fewer absentees. Adrián Aldrete is training with his teammates and will be medically cleared, Ignacio Rivero will have already paid his suspension and both Orbelín Pineda and Luis Romo will have returned from the vacation given to them by the TC. Only two players will be absent: José de Jesús Corona and Luis Ángel Mendoza.


Cruz Azul vs Pachuca: when and at what time do they play in Liga MX?

The match between Cruz Azul and Pachuca will be played next Sunday, August 29, 18:00 hours PT / 29/08 21:00 hours ET, at the Azteca stadium. It will be valid for matchday 7 of the Grita México Apertura 2021 Liga MX tournament.

The Champion's Curse

From the start of the tournament, it was a surprise that they lost 2-0 at home to Mazatlan. Although it is true that they did not have a starting team, the Cañoneros still won on the scoreboard and on the field. In the second game, they came away from Torreón with a bittersweet 1-1 draw.

he first victory for La Máquina came on matchday 4, when they beat Rayos del Necaxa 2-1; on the following matchday, they gave a master class and overcame the then tournament leader, Diablos Rojos del Toluca, 4-0. Everything seemed to indicate that the champion had woken up and everything would change; however, this was not the case, and the numbers were once again mixed.

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