The 5 players that Manchester United would give up to retain Cristiano Ronaldo

As speculation rages about possible additions for Manchester United, he also has a number of top-tier outings in their sights.

Manchester United 2021
Manchester United 2021

Manchester United prepares for the big maneuvers. A leading player in recent transfer markets due to the notable additions he has made to improve his project, the Old Trafford team will continue on the same path in the coming months. The objective is none other than to be in a position to make a Premier League that has been resisting for years.

However, before closing the new arrivals that it has planned with a view to the next transfer markets, the English team also has in the point of looking to specify the departure of some players who are not offering the level that would have been expected from the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. So much so that the Norwegian has put the transferable poster for them.

Five are the names of footballers who are on the starting ramp. These are players who, in a large percentage, have an important line-up and for whom a significant amount could be obtained.

This player's poker is the one formed by Donny van de Beek, Anthony Martial, Jesse Lingard, Victor Lindedöf and Phil Jones. In this way, Manchester United would make a good amount of money to incorporate players and to be able to bring Cristiano Ronaldo closer to the players with whom he feels comfortable to play.

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