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The conditions that LA Galaxy puts on Jonathan Dos Santos to make him earn more than Chicharito Hernández in his new renovation

The future of Jonathan Dos Santos depends purely and exclusively on him. What must happen for LA Galaxy to renew your contract?

Jonathan Dos Santos, Javier Hernández
Jonathan Dos Santos, Javier Hernández

The future of Jonathan Dos Santos is as uncertain as it is hopeful for the 30-year-old experienced footballer. Despite rumors that link him to Mexican soccer, the country where he is from, but where he did not play a minute of his professional career, the Los Angeles Galaxy launched a new proposal to keep him on his team. However, they put a condition on him, which the footballer must respect, if he wants to continue remaining at one of the MLS powers.

In theory, the conditions should be easy to meet, taking into account the personality we are talking about. It is that the leadership of the American team offered him a renewal contract, even with better economic conditions than the one Chicharito Hernandez has, but he must win it with good football in 2021. In this way, he will have to leave behind the lackluster image he left last year in Major League Soccer, if he does not want to change course in his career.

Jonathan Dos Santos

In fact, it seems that he has already changed the chip in his head, and he regained the winning mentality that always characterized him. Without going any further, he went from thinking about retiring from professional football a few months ago, to declaring that he feels they are the top favorites to stay with the current tournament. In addition, he assured that he is confident, and wants to write a page in the history of the club, making it clear that his performance depends on himself, and that he will do everything possible to show his best version on the field of play.

Mexican soccer player Jonathan Dos Santos lives crucial moments in his career as he is in the last year of his contract with his team, LA Galaxy. Despite the fact that virtual renewal is on the table, his last chips are played to convince the fans of the Western United States team, and the Mexican National Team, to be taken into account for the qualifiers, and if the result is positive , a place in Qatar 2022. "I have always said that I would love to stay more years in Los Angeles, and I know it is up to me and how I do it this year. My contract is at stake. The club deserves the best. This is my year, I am very excited to be back. to play ", concluded the outstanding soccer player.

Chicharito Hernandez has an offer to return to Chivas

The president of Chivas of Guadalajara has revealed that Javier Hernandez has the chance to return to his former club should he wish to. Now at LA Galaxy, Chicharito made his name after coming through the ranks at Chivas, earning a move to Manchester United in 2010. "We wanted to let him know through his agent that, if at any point he wants to, we can find a way for him to play in Mexico again and, of course, if he comes to Mexico, he has to come to Chivas,", Chivas president Amaury Vergara said. 

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