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Floyd Mayweather celebrated his birthday like Neymar a few weeks ago: which mansion is more luxurious

As two of the greatest sportsmen, they are both big fans of parties and this is how they celebrate their recent birthday.

Neymar / Floy Mayweather
Neymar / Floy Mayweather

A few weeks ago, the Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar celebrated his 29th birthday and, without the possibility of making a huge celebration as he is used to because of the Covid-19 pandemic , he still threw a big party with family and close friends. And he did it in his incredible and expensive mansion on the outskirts of Paris.

It took place in a seven million euros luxurious house (he rents it) built in the decade of 1950 which belonged to the famous actor and Golden Globe winner Gerard Depardieu, 16 kilometers away from the capital of France. With five floors, its size is of 5000 square meters, and it even has a basement with a pool.

Now was Floyd Mayweather's turn, who in few days is turning 44 years old but he has already celebrate his birthday in Florida... The legend athlete did it in a mansion with almost 3000 squeare meters (smaller than Neymar's) and his cake featured dollar bills with his face printed on them, a replica of his private jet and a Louis Vuitton-inspired trunk made of frosting.

Floy Mayweather's birthday party. Credit: La Mega Agencia

On the other hand, it's important to note that different famous personalities were present at Fort Lauderdale, such as the NFL star Ty Law, the pop artist Jacquees and the singer Montana Tucker. But perhaps the most surprising guest was MILK The Pom star, a dog who has appeared on the Disney Channel.

Mayweather arrived in a £2 million Bugatti ($242 million) and dressed in black and gold with his jewelery to match her outfit. This last celebration was more present around social networks than Neymar´s. That's for sure. And it's also for sure that they both enjoy partying...

This is how Mayweather's birthday cake looked like. Credit: La Mega Agencia.

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