Lewandowski´s teammates wants him out of Bayern

The striker wants to go, too

Lewandoski´s teammates wants him out of Bayern
Lewandoski´s teammates wants him out of Bayern

The novel of Robert Lewandowski's departure from Bayern adds a variable that could change everything. 

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Until now we knew that the footballer wants to leave the Bavarian team to go to Barça. That Barça wants to sign him and that Bayern is not willing to let him out. Now we know, as revealed by The Athletic, that the German squad's locker room is upset with the Pole.

According to this publication, in the Bavarian dressing room the position of the striker has not sat well at all, who has been in charge of airing to the four winds his desire not to rejoin the team's discipline.

The Athletic does not name names, but attributes this feeling to authorized sources inside the Bayern dugout. They consider that so many public appearances by Lewandowski harm them and that the ideal thing would be for this to be resolved as soon as possible.

What´s the official word ?

The last authorized voice within Bayern who spoke publicly on this matter was Oliver Kahn, general director of the entity, saying that they counted on Lewandowski starting the preseason with the rest of the team, in three weeks.

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