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Messi's wife: what's Antonela Roccuzzo's favorite hobby

Intimate details of Lionel Messi's wife
martes, 30 de marzo de 2021 · 05:00

Antonela Roccuzzo, like celebrities such as Coral Simanovich, Elena Galera, Daniella Semaan or Sofía Balbi, has millions of followers on social networks. Lionel Messi's wife is usually reserved with her private life, even in her social networks, where she rarely shares everything she does. She anyway, she revealed a lot about her life with Leo in a past interview for "La Vanguardia".

Antonela Roccuzzo.

In this talk, she Antonela delved into the time she shares with Messi. She and she surprised everyone by revealing that in her talks with the soccer player, she ignored two issues that are central in their lives. "At home we don't talk about football or fashion, we watch TV," revealed the businesswoman and influencer. Antonela has a long history in the world of fashion.

She currently runs a children's clothing brand. She also ran a luxury shoe store with Sofía Balbi, one of her best friends. On the other hand, Antonela works with world-renowned brands on a daily basis and this can be seen with the naked eye on her networks. But, as she made clear in this interview, both she and her husband prefer to put work aside by seeing each other.

Lionel Messi said something similar when referring to his day-to-day life. "My life is very normal. Sometimes it is boring. I can explain it to you at all. We get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to school, I will train. I return, as with Antonela, immediately we will look for Ciro and then to the other two, we go home and do some activity", said the soccer player.

And then he commented: "For example, Thiago and Mateo are playing soccer twice a week. We go with them, we come back and it is already seven or eight, we have some dunks, sometimes at eight thirty we are eating and we finish and go up. We are all there, we end up watching TV and little else".

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