Javier Hernández

Pele, Tom Brady or Michael Jordan? The legend that Javier Hernández loves

The Mexican attacker confessed he admires an international athlete.
lunes, 8 de febrero de 2021 · 17:30

Javier Hernández, popularly known as Chicharito, is a heavy user of social media. The Mexican attacker loves to show on all his platforms what he does in his routine, how he trains and even the privacy of his family. During the last days, he showed the intimacy of his pre-season for LA Galaxy and many things linked to other sports.

One of those was his opinion about the Super Bowl LV of the NFL, where Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated 31-9 Kansas City Chiefs in the Raymond James Stadium located in Florida. With that triumph, Tom Brady consolidated himself as a legend, winning his seventh ring in a Super Bowl.

Chicharito was expectant of what happened in the game and wrote a message about Brady on his Instagram account a couple of minutes after the end. One day the entire world will understand and will know what this athlete has done for his sport, was the words with which CH14 praised Brady.

The message from Javier Hernández about Tom Brady.

Javier Hernández, captain of LA Galaxy, is a big fan of all the sports. When he is not playing or watching soccer, he likes to follow the action on the NBA or even the NFL. At his 32 years old he is getting ready for the starting season, in which he will try to show a better level than on the past one with the MLS side.


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