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FIFA says yes, he will be able to play as a Mexican and will be in the World Cup for Martino

In total surprise, Martino would think about calling him since he officially received his naturalization as a Mexican and FIFA gives the ok for him to play for El Tri.  

Martino now has another option to call on up front.
Martino now has another option to call on up front.

Gerardo Martino is playing his last card, and FIFA and the Mexican embassy have already given the go-ahead for the Mexican soccer player to play and be one of the athletes who has the opportunity to contribute to El Tri.

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According to Reacción de Cadena's report, the player received his letter of naturalization as a Mexican, so he fulfills the first requirement to be called up to the national team.

The second, the issue of FIFA's authorization, he already has it, since he has more than 5 years playing in Liga MX, so in the eyes of the international organization, he can already play with El Tri.

Which Mexican player said yes to play for El Tri and FIFA approved him?

The player Julio César Furch already has everything in order to be called to the Mexican national team, now he will only be waiting for an opportunity from Gerardo Martino.

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