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This coach would love to arrive in Cruz Azul if Juan Reynoso leaves

Reynoso's future with Cruz Azul is still unclear.

Reynoso won Liga MX with Cruz Azul on his first season as their coach.
Reynoso won Liga MX with Cruz Azul on his first season as their coach.

It’s yet to be seen if Juan Reynoso remains as Cruz Azul coach for the remainder of his contract or if he’ll leave La Máquina before Clausura 2022 ends, given that his relationship with Jaime Ordiales is not the best, as Ordiales didn’t want him to coach Cruz Azul when he first arrived.

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If Reynoso decides to leave, as reports suggested last week, when he presented his resignation letter after Ordiales returned to Cruz Azul, La Máquina already have the coach that could replace him and help them earn their 10th Liga MX championship.

When asked about his future and if he would be up to coaching another Liga MX team, like Cruz Azul, Matías Almeyda said that he’d love to return to Mexico and would be opened to coaching La Máquina, as they are one of the biggest teams in Liga MX.

What will happen with Almeyda’s current job?

After leaving Chivas in 2018, the Argentinean coach arrived in MLS in 2019, where he’s been coaching San José Earthquakes ever since, although in recent weeks he has showed his discontent with the lack of additions to his roster, which is why he’s looking for a new challenge.

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