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The Chivas player that will leave El Rebaño even if Marcelo Michel Leaño is out

Amaury Vergara finally sacked Michel Leaño.

Chivas have 4 games left to sneak into Liguilla.
Chivas have 4 games left to sneak into Liguilla.

With only four games left in the regular season of Clausura 2022, Amaury Vergara finally understood that keeping Marcelo Michel Leaño in Chivas’ bench was only going to hurt their aspirations of earning a place in Repechaje.

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After 13 rounds played, El Rebaño Sagrado currently stands 14 with the same number of points, out of the Repechaje spots, although just two points below Pumas, Club América and Tijuana, who are standing in the last three places that give access to the playoffs.

Chivas, now with Ricardo Cadena as their interim coach for the remainder of the season, will try to improve their numbers to be able to sneak into one of the last Repechaje spots, something they will only be able to do if they earn at least seven of the 12 available points.

Michel Leaño couldn’t establish a system where the players know what to do throughout 90 minutes, as their latest results show -El Rebaño only won one of their last five games-. The soccer Chivas displayed during his stint was so disappointing that some of the players have decided to leave El Rebaño, even if Michel Leaño isn’t coaching them anymore.

Raúl Gudiño will leave at the end of the season

The starting goalkeeper for El Rebaño is currently playing his last months for Chivas, as he will become a free agent over the summer, once Clausura 2022 is over. A few weeks back, Raúl Gudiño was still considering renewing with Chivas.

But once Michel Leaño decided to bench him until he renewed with El Rebaño Sagrado, as a punishment for not agreeing to a contract extension, the 25-year-old goalkeeper made up his mind and decided to leave Chivas for good.

Gudiño briefly returned to the starting role on the game against Toluca given that Miguel Jiménez Ponce presented a muscular soreness that prevented him from playing, but he returned to Chivas goal on Wednesday night and Gudiño lost his place one more time.

Where will he play next season?

According to reports from sports journalist José Garrido, Raúl Gudiño will leave both Chivas and Liga MX, as he already has received offers from a few MLS teams, although he’s also on the radar of some European clubs, as he left a good impression after his stint with Porto B and APOEL.

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