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Chivas will have Marcelo Bielsa as their next coach if they fulfill these requests

They will face Atlas in the quarterfinals of Liguilla.

El Rebaño are looking for a new coach.
El Rebaño are looking for a new coach.

After Amaury Vergara decided to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño given the poor results that he achieved during his stint with Chivas, El Rebaño Sagrado have been looking for a new coach, and reports suggest that Marcelo Bielsa could be the chosen one.

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For now, they are waiting for El Rebaño’s participation in Clausura 2022 to be over to decide who will be their next coach, as Ricardo Cadena, who was named as the interim coach for the remainder of the season keeps making a case for himself.

Although Cadena still isn’t considered as one of the top candidates to assume the job for Apertura 2022, he has coached Chivas for five games and remains unbeaten, including the 4-1 victory over Pumas in Repechaje.

If he manages to beat Atlas and reach the semifinals, Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez won’t have any other option than consider him as one of the coaches most suited to take over the team, although for now, Bielsa is still the top choice.

Will Bielsa arrive at Chivas?

When Ricardo Peláez was asked during a press conference about the future of Chivas and the possible arrival of Marcelo Bielsa, he answered that he won’t respond questions regarding that topic, something that makes evident that he’s been considered among the candidates.

Reports of sports journalist César Luis Merlo point that Bielsa is seriously considering the option, and even if he also is waiting for another offer from Colombia National Team, with his coaching staff they’re currently analyzing the team, the roster, and the last games they’ve played.

The only request that Bielsa has is to give him enough time to decide if he wants to arrive at Chivas, as he not only researches the team but also the environment and even the city where they play, as if he feels pressure form the executives, he will know that they won’t let him work as he pleases and will turn down the offer.

What happens if he arrives, and Cadena becomes Liga MX champion?

Ricardo Cadena knows that the only chance that he has to automatically remain in Chivas’s dugout is to win the Liga MX title, although if that happens and Bielsa agrees to coach the team for Apertura 2022, Cadena will remain with the first team, although as assistant coach of Bielsa.

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