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Amaury Vergara took a decision about Marcelo Michel Leaño’s future in Chivas

Chivas has won only 5 games with Michel Leaño as their coach.

El Rebaño are standing 14 with one pending game.
El Rebaño are standing 14 with one pending game.

The 1-1 draw on the visit to Toluca was the second time in less than a month that Chivas have lost the advantage in the last minutes of the game, as it also happened against Atlas; this time with complicity of El Rebaño defenders, who didn’t pressure Leo Fernández enough.

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The player that will leave Chivas after discussing with Marcelo Michel Leaño

With a last-minute goal, Chivas let escape what could have been the turning point for them, as a victory on a game that turned out to be so complicated would have been a boost for the remained of the season, especially since they played most of the game with 10 men due to Cisneros being sent off after 24 minutes.

But the Saturday night game was a reflection of what Chivas has been this season: they play with energy, but don’t know where to place it or who to follow, as Marcelo Michel Leaño doesn’t have a solid plan to build from.

And after he was sent off during the second half, that coincided with the debacle of El Rebaño Sagrado on the pitch, it’s more than evident that Chivas need to change coach if they want to leave the crisis behind and become a contender, as they proved to have the talent.

Amaury Vergara took a decision

When Michel Leaño was sent off, Chivas lost the control of the game and looked desperate at times to maintain the victory at any cost. The desperation also translated to the bench, were César “Chino” Huerta and Antonio “Pollo” Briseño engaged in a discussion.

If the season ended today, El Rebaño Sagrado would be eliminated, something that made Amaury Vergara realize that this kind of things can’t keep happening, as they don’t know how to close the games and have left valuable points on the way, like against Toluca.

But he also knows that with five games left to be played in the season, the safest decision is to keep Michel Leaño as Chivas coach and once Clausura 2022, they’ll evaluate the season and decide what’s best for Chivas, which at this point is to sign a new coach for the next season, as he even said during an interview.

Who is the coach that will arrive in Chivas?

Several reports have linked Matías Almeyda to El Rebaño for a second stint, as he was the last coach that helped Chivas win a trophy. But his salary is something that Vergara can’t afford for now, which is why Ricardo Cadena, who currently coaches Tapatío FC, is the second option to replace Michel Leaño.

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