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The player that will leave Chivas after discussing with Marcelo Michel Leaño

El Rebaño barely saved a draw on their visit to Toluca.

During the game it was clear that the locker room is divided.
During the game it was clear that the locker room is divided.

If there’s one bright side about the recent results that Chivas have had, is that they haven’t lost a game of the last five they’ve played, as they have one victory and four draws, including the back-to-back draws in the Clásico Nacional and Clásico Tapatío.

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Marcelo Michel Leaño is out, Chivas will have a new coach once Clausura 2022 is over

But that’s the extent of it, as every game the players look as lost as the first game of the season and don’t seem to find a place to stand on the pitch, given the experimentation that Marcelo Michel Leaño does in every single game.

After 13 rounds, although they have a pending game, Chivas is standing 14 with the same number of points, and if the season ended today, El Rebaño Sagrado would be eliminated on a league that gives access to 12 out of 18 teams to the playoffs, as the points they currently have aren’t enough to play Repechaje.

Even the players have showed their unhappiness with the lack of a project from Michel Leaño, as during the week, Jesús “Chapo” Sánchez scolded his teammates in the locker room, and during the game in Toluca, Antonio “Pollo” Briseño and César Huerta were involved in a fight.

Another player is tired of Michel Leaño

It’s evident that things in Chivas are starting to get out of hands, not only because of the lack of results and the irregular performances, but also because the players are tired of the cheap talk of Michel Leaño, who keeps proving that he’s not qualified to be coaching a team like Chivas.

Whether Marcelo Michel Leaño remains as Chivas coach or Amaury Vergara decides to part ways with him, Cristian “Chicote” Calderón is one of the players that is ready to leave El Rebaño as soon as Clausura 2022 is over.

During an interview for Jesús Angulo’s YouTube channel, “Chicote” revealed that he hasn’t been supported by Michel Leaño during his stint in Chivas and given that what he now needs is regularity, something he won’t have in Chivas thanks to Leaño’s decisions, he’s ready to leave.

“Chicote” Calderón’s numbers with Chivas

The 24-year-old left-back arrived at Chivas for Clausura 2020, as part of the spending spree that Ricardo Peláez did on his first year as the sporting director. Even if his market value was set at $2.2 million, El Rebaño overpaid for his permanent move, as they acquired him for $8 million. In the three seasons he’s played with Chivas, Calderón has played a total of 51 games, scoring 7 goals, and assisting 2 times.

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