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Marcelo Michel Leaño is out, Chivas will have a new coach once Clausura 2022 is over

El Rebaño has won just three games in Clausura 2022.

Michel Leaño has earned only 23 points of the 60 he’s disputed.
Michel Leaño has earned only 23 points of the 60 he’s disputed.

Chivas haven’t been able to leave the middle of the table and become real contenders since Marcelo Michel Leaño took over the team during Apertura 2021, after Amaury Vergara decided to part ways with Victor Manuel Vucetich.

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Since Michel Leaño became Chivas coach, he’s been in El Rebaño’s dugout for 20 games, winning just five of them. Chivas has saved a draw in eight occasions and lost the remainder seven, for a total of 23 points of the 60 they’ve disputed.

For Clausura 2022, Chivas have won three games, and they currently stand 14 with 13 points, out of the places that give access to Repechaje. If they want to be part of the playoffs, they will have to earn at least seven more points.

It seemed that Amaury Vergara hadn’t realized that Michel Leaño wasn’t the answer for Chivas needs, although in recent days, reports suggest that he’s been looking for a replacement for Michel Leaño, and it seems that he finally found him.

Who is the coach that will replace Michel Leaño?

According to the report of sports journalist Miguel Arizpe, Amaury Vergara plans on following the same idea than when he promoted Michel Leaño from the academy teams, as he wants to have in Chivas’ bench someone that knows how El Rebaño works.

That’s why he’s planning on promoting Ricardo Cadena and give him the position that Michel Leaño now has, after the good job he’s been doing with Tapatío FC, the reserves team of Chivas that plays in Liga de Expansión, Mexico’s second flight.

The reason behind this decision has to do with the economic crisis that Chivas is going through, although they know that even if they can’t sign a lot of players, the academy teams have always provided with good additions, and Ricardo Cadena is the person that knows them the best.

What will happen with Michel Leaño?

Amaury Vergara has said in the past that he agreed to give Michel Leaño at least a full season as Chivas coach, and after that, they would analyze the results and determine whether he maintained his job, or if he was returned to the academy teams.

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