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The $2 million for which Amaury Vergara keeps Marcelo Michel Leaño in Chivas

Chivas have won 5 of the 20 games that Michel Leaño has coached.

El Rebaño currently stands 14 in Clausura 2022.
El Rebaño currently stands 14 in Clausura 2022.

For Clausura 2022, Chivas have become one of the most irregular teams of Liga MX, as they haven’t found stability and if the season ended today, they would be eliminated, without chance of playing Repechaje, as they currently stand 14.

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Marcelo Michel Leaño erased a player from Chivas; he’ll have to leave once Clausura 2022 is over

And even if the players have some of the responsibility, Marcelo Michel Leaño is the main responsible for the lack of ideas that El Rebaño has every time they jump on the pitch, as the Mexican coach is known for wanting to experiment instead of having a clear project.

So far, Chivas has played 11 games, as they have a pending one against Monterrey that will dispute over the next week, but El Rebaño have been able to win just three games in the season, as well as tying four more and losing the other four.

It took less than that for Amaury Vergara to sack Victor Manuel Vucetich, alleging poor results although “Vuce” coached 45 games, from which he won 17, tied 17 and lost 11. But even if no one understands why Vergara hasn’t sacked Michel Leaño, there’s a $2 million reason that explains it.

What’s the reason of keeping him as Chivas coach?

Marcelo Michel Leaño tried to clear his name during an interview for ESPN, where he said that he’s coaching Chivas thanks to the experience he has as a coach, and not because he’s friends with Amaury Vergara.

Michel Leaño’s only previous experience coaching in Liga MX was in 2018, when he coached Club Necaxa for 19 games, winning seven, tying three and losing nine, numbers that are not very flattering, especially if taken into consideration that Chivas is one of Liga MX biggest teams.

The reason to maintain him in El Rebaño’s dugout has to do with the economic problems that Chivas is going through, as he’s the only coach they can afford for now, and even if Vergara wanted to sign Matías Almeyda, his $2 million salary prevents him from doing it.

The crisis in Chivas is bigger than expected

Reports suggest that Chivas are having an economic crisis that resulted of the spending spree that El Rebaño had for Clausura 2020, when they spent over $50 million in players that haven’t help the team. The crisis even had them travelling by bus to Toluca instead of by plane as they usually do.

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