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Marcelo Michel Leaño erased a player from Chivas; he’ll have to leave once Clausura 2022 is over

Chivas has won just 3 games in the current season.

If the season ended today, they’ll be out of Liguilla.
If the season ended today, they’ll be out of Liguilla.

It seems like thing for Chivas are getting more complicated even if they have lost just one of their last five games in Clausura 2022, but that doesn’t mean they’re winning, as El Rebaño Sagrado is stuck in the lower side of the table with one victory and four draws on that span of time.

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The players that will leave Chivas with Alexis Vega at the end of the season

If the season ended today, Chivas wouldn’t make it to Repechaje, as they currently stand 14, with 13 points, tied with Club América, who seem to be leaving their own crisis behind, as they’ve won two games and tied another since Fernando “Tano” Ortíz took over the team for games ago.

But the crisis for Chivas keeps going, and it seems they will be fluctuating in the bottom spots of Liga MX standings for as long as Marcelo Michel Leaño remains as their coach, something that won’t end soon, as Amaury Vergara promised him at least a full season as El Rebaño’s coach.

The decisions of Michel Leaño have proven to be in detriment of the team, as he usually experiments in the starting XI, changing the players and the scheme, instead of having a plan to follow, not only during the 90 minutes, but throughout the season. And those same decisions are the ones that have left on the bench one of Chivas’ best players.

Who is the player erased from El Rebaño?

For the past three games, Marcelo Michel Leaño, following his experimental nature, has given Miguel Ponce the leading role as Chivas starting goalkeeper, leaving Raúl Gudiño on the bench even if he was one of El Rebaño’s best players on the pitch.

But this decision has little to do with sporting reasons, as his erasure from the lineup came once Gudiño revealed his intentions of not renewing his contract, which expires at the end of Clausura 2022, as he’s ready to leave Chivas once the season is over.

Since Michel Leaño and Vergara learned about this, they decided to pressure the 25-year-old goalkeeper to extend his contract with El Rebaño by benching him until he accepts, something that has backfired them, as he now is decided to leave no matter what.

Where can he play next season?

The former Porto and APOEL player, where he debuted in Champions League, making him the first Mexican goalkeeper playing that tournament, said in an interview that he’s considering his options, as he has received offers both from Liga MX and outside of Mexico, although he didn’t reveal which clubs are interested in him.

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