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Chivas is looking for a coach to replace Marcelo Michel Leaño once Clausura 2022 is over

El Rebaño has won three games in the current season.

By Jose Castro

El Rebaño has won three games in the current season.
El Rebaño has won three games in the current season.
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Since Marcelo Michel Leaño took over Chivas amidst Apertura 2021, when Amaury Vergara decided to part ways with Victor Manuel Vucetich alleging poor results, El Rebaño Sagrado has won just five games of the 20 he’s coached.

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For Clausura 2022, their performances have been irregular, to say the least, as they have won just three games of the 11 that they’ve played -as they have a pending match against Monterrey-, but only one of those victories has been in the last five games.

It’s evident that El Rebaño doesn’t have a clear plan to follow when they are on the pitch, as they usually have some good moments where they show what they’re capable of but end up relying on individualities to save the result.

But now it seems that Amaury Vergara finally understood that they won’t make it much farther than Repechaje if he maintains Michel Leaño on the dugout, which is why he’s already looking for potential replacements for the next season.


Who is the coach that can replace Michel Leaño?

According to reports from sports news media SanCadilla, Marcelo Michel Leaño has lost the support he had inside Chivas structure, given that he hasn’t answered to the needs of El Rebaño, and even the players are tired of his cheap talk.

That’s why Vergara has targeted Andrés Lillini as the coach that can replace Michel Leaño once Clausura 2022 is over, as the Pumas coach has showed to be capable of having a competitive team even if there’s several limitations on the roster.

Lillini took over Pumas in 2020 as interim coach after Míchel Gonzalez resigned days before Apertura 2020 started. Since then, he’s helped Pumas play a final of Liga MX and two semifinals, one also in Liga MX and the other in the CONCACAF Champions League, where they already played the first leg, beating Cruz Azul by a 2-1 score.


How much will it take for Chivas to sign him?

Andrés Lillini is on his last year of contract, as it will expire at the end of the year, and given that Pumas hasn’t started negotiating with him, Lillini is open to listen to other offers. Even if he has a release clause, it wouldn’t be hard for Chivas to pay it, as it consists in two months of his salary, which is not high as he’s one of the three lower-paid coaches in Liga MX.

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