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Amaury Vergara established a date for his departure from Chivas

He took over the team in 2019.

Chivas haven’t played a single final since he arrived.
Chivas haven’t played a single final since he arrived.

It seems that in Chivas, the current crisis is worse than expected, not only because they’re having economical problems, but also because after 12 rounds of Clausura 2022, they are out of the spots that give access to Liguilla.

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The reason of Marcelo Michel Leaño’s continuity in Chivas has nothing to do with their results

For now, with one pending game, they’re standing 13 with 13 points, tied with Atlético San Luis and Club América, who seem to have left behind the bad results and are on their way to earn a place in Repechaje, something that with the irregular performances of Chivas, they might not be able to do.

El Rebaño Sagrado made it to Liguilla last season as they finished as 12 in Liga MX standings, thanks to the results they achieved with Victor Manuel Vucetich, as they won just two games with Marcelo Michel Leaño in Apertura 2021.

For Clausura 2022, things haven’t changed that much, as El Rebaño has won just threegames and as long as Michel Leaño remains as the coach, it seems like they won’t be able to improve much, which is why Amaury Vergara already decided when he’s going to leave Chivas for good.

Vergara hasn’t won a title since he became the owner

Amaury Vergara took over the responsibility of the team in 2019, when his father Jorge Vergara passed away. Since then, the further El Rebaño has made it was to semifinals but has been eliminated in Repechaje every other season.

Vergara knows that Chivas need a change to finally return to the front pages of Liga MX, but he insists on being there when it happens, which is why he won’t sell the team before he manages to surpass what his father did during his stint.

For that to happen, Chivas would have to win at least two Liga MX titles and one CONCACAF Champions League, alongside other various titles like Copa MX, Recopa MX and others, as well as sell a player to one of the biggest teams in the world, like it happened with Javier “Chicharito” Hernández.

How much does Chivas costs?

According to W Deportes, Amaury Vergara is aiming to sell the team once the brand increases their value, something that will happen only if they manage to be champions. For now, Chivas net worth is around $320 million, although Jorge Vergara had valued it over $800 million.

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