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The reason of Marcelo Michel Leaño’s continuity in Chivas has nothing to do with their results

El Rebaño has won just three games in the season.

Michel Leaño has won one quarter of the games he’s coached.
Michel Leaño has won one quarter of the games he’s coached.

Since Amaury Vergara took over Chivas after his father, Jorge Vergara, passed away in 2019, El Rebaño has lost their place in Liga MX, as they haven’t been able to win a title or even to make it to the last stages of the tournament.

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But Chivas has lost all their shape after Vergara decided to place Marcelo Michel Leaño as El Rebaño’s coach during Clausura 2021 to replace José Manuel Vucetich, who was the first coach in Amaury’s era to have gain stability with the team.

El Rebaño has played 20 games under Michel Leaño’s wing, from which they’ve won just five of them. In that same span of time, they’ve tied eight games and lost the remainder seven, for a total of 23 points out of 60.

For Clausura 2022, Chivas have earned 13 points as a result of three victories, four draws and four defeats, but not even their poor performances have made Amaury Vergara to consider parting ways with him, and it seems that he won’t do it anytime soon.

Why won’t Michel Leaño be sacked?

According to reports from the sports program Los Líderes, Amaury Vergara and Chivas are having financial issues, especially after the spending spree the team had at the start of 2020, when they spend over $50 million in new players.

Since then, they haven’t been able to recover their investment, as none of the players have helped to improve the performances of El Rebaño Sagrado and the team has been battling to even stand in one of the Repechaje spots.

That’s where Michel Leaño enters to stage, as he’s been helping the team to stabilize their finances, not only by investing himself, but also has convinced his family and some of his friends to invest with him and help Chivas to become profitable once again.

He will remain in Chivas structure

Amaury Vergara has said multiple times that he doesn’t plan on sacking Michel Leaño, as he promised to give him at least one full season in El Rebaño’s dugout before deciding if he’ll remain as their coach or not, but if he doesn’t achieve the expected goals, he’ll remain in Chivas with a different position.

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