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Sergio Agüero was presented in Barcelona and said a phrase that angered Manchester City fans

Kun, who left the Citizens after 10 years, spoke for the first time as a Barcelona player and said a phrase that the City fans did not like at all

The first image of Sergio Agüero as a Barcelona player.
The first image of Sergio Agüero as a Barcelona player.

Sergio Agüero is the new reinforcement of Barcelona's hierarchy with which Joan Laporta will try to convince Lionel Messi to continue leading the project. The Argentine striker arrived in Barcelona on Sunday and this Monday he appeared at the facilities to undergo the corresponding medical examinations by Dr. Ramon Cugat.

The first image of Sergio Agüero as a Barcelona player. Photo: FC Barcelona.

After completing the check-ups, and before his official presentation to the fans and the press, Kun made some statements as a new Barça footballer, where he remarked that he feels very happy to face a new experience after his time at Atlético Madrid and Manchester City. In them, he said a phrase that the Citizens' fans did not like at all, who criticized him harshly.

"We all know that Barça is the best team in the world and I think it is a good decision to be here and obviously to be able to help the team achieve things," acknowledged the player who will be 33 years old in two days. This statement did not please the Citizens, who did not hesitate to criticize him since he didn't mention City as the best team in the world.

“Obviously it's another step in my career. I'm very happy and hopefully I can contribute a lot to the club", he said, referring to the fact that his arrival at Barcelona presents him with a new challenge after having achieved glory in the Premier League, where he became the top scorer in history for the Manchester City.

“When I arrived in Europe it was an apprenticeship for me, Atlético helped me a lot and then I went to City, everyone knows what the Premier is, and I have changed the way I play a lot. I have played in different positions and I already have a more less specific position that defines me and I intend to contribute all that experience I had ”, remarked the player before signing the contract and donning the uniform for the photo session that will take place at the Camp Nou .

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